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Maupin, Oregon Trivia

For a small rural community, Maupin sure has a lot of fascinating trivia associated with it. See how many of these Maupin, Oregon trivia items you know! 1) Founder Howard Maupin In the late 19th century, there was a pioneer with a farm and a ferry located where the town of Maupin is today. That…
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Top 5 Hooved Animals to Hunt in Central Oregon

Does hunting hold a special appeal for you? Well, central Oregon has some pretty diverse wildlife, and a beautiful landscape to find them in. You’ll enjoy learning about these top five hoofed animals in central Oregon, from the black tailed deer to the graceful pronghorn antelope. Black Tailed Deer The black tailed deer are common…
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Maupin Looks Forward to High Internet Speeds

About 15 years ago, the first high-speed internet became available as broadband service. Before that, you had to rely on dial up, which only had a 56 kbps connection. When you jumped to basic cable (broadband) internet, on the other hand, you enjoyed speeds of 4 to 8 Mbps, which is between 8 and 16…
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Maupin’s Imperial Stock Ranch Saves Global Clothing Company

Imperial Stock Ranch, a beef and wool producer in Maupin, Oregon, became the inspiration behind improvements in the wool industry around the world. This came about when a Central Oregon tourist visited the ranch for a tour, and got a rude awakening about his own company in the process. Maupin Tourist Finds Inspiration on the…
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