Haunted Places Near Maupin, Oregon

Are you an amateur ghost hunter? Are you interested in the supernatural. You may have heard of the ghost towns tourists like to frequent in Central Oregon, but did you know there are some actual haunted places near Maupin, Oregon? Next time you’re heading this way for a visit, stop by at the haunted places below for a few more thrills.

Just Us Inn

By day, it looks like a charming little inn, but at night, strange things happen at Just Us Inn. Some people have seen shadowy apparitions. Others swear they’ve been brushed against by unseen entities. Perhaps most creepy of all? If you listen closely, you can hear strange noises and ghostly voices around the Just Us Inn.

Find Just Us Inn at 908 Clark Street in Wasco, OR.

Maryhill Museum of Art

Do you wish you had a different job? Well, at least you can rest easy at night knowing you don’t work at the Maryhill Museum of Art. The museum staff have noticed all sorts of strange noises in the museum, which is a century-old reproduction of an Italian villa. If that weren’t creepy enough, the cold chills at night would probably be enough to make you find a more conventional workplace.

You can see the Maryhill Museum of Art at 35 Maryhill Museum Drive in Goldendale, Washington.

Hotel Condon in Condon

There’s a feeling you get when you’re being watched. It’s hard to explain, but most of us have a sixth sense for such things. Expect to feel that a lot when you’re visiting Hotel Condon. Built in 1920, this is an elegant and historic hotel with plenty of beautiful western scenery to get lost in. Just don’t be surprised if you’re one of the guests who spots an apparition of a woman wearing 1880s clothing or notices lights going on and off by themselves. The old west could be a pretty scary place.

Hotel Condon is located at 202 South Main Street in Condon, OR.

Living it up in Maupin

Of course, there’s only so much spookiness one person can take! Once you’ve had your fill of haunted fun, there are plenty of ghost-free accommodations to be found in Maupin, Oregon. One great pick is the Imperial River Company, which features twenty five rooms smack dab on the Deschutes River. There’s also the Deschutes Motel, The Oasis Resort, and many more.

When it comes right down to it, you’d have to be dead not to love all these attractions, haunted or otherwise!

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