Maupin Camping Etiquette

Camping is a staple near Maupin. After all, if you’re going to venture into nature for the day, away from the city, it can be inconvenient to try to make it all the way back by dusk. And besides, there’s actually a lot of fun to be had in the wild at night. The fly fishers will like the late hatches on the Deschutes River, hikers will like the sunset, and birdwatchers will like the night activity of some of our rarer birds. But if you’re going to be camping, you need to know the rules and manners expected of you.

Safety for You and Others

We have many great camp sites in Central Oregon, like The Oasis, for one. At sites like this, safety is the number one priority. Be sure to follow these safety guidelines to ensure that you and your loved ones can have a fun time without worrying.

First off, don’t feed the animals. They’ll want more food, and if you don’t give it to them, they might become aggressive. Worse yet, many of them will become dependent and come back to the spot to bother the next guests. You should not only not feed the animals, but also pack your food in airtight containers and put it out of reach of the animals.

Don’t dump your used “greywater” into the rivers. The bacteria is horrible for the wildlife there. Instead, put it in a designated receptacle.

Respect for the Campgrounds

When you arrive at the campsite, inspect it closely. You’ll want to do this so that, when you’re packing up, you can make it look the same way it looked when you got there. Many attractions near Maupin can be ruined for others if you’re careless or messy, and that’s not fair.

As important as it is to respect the campgrounds, you should also respect nature. For instance, you may find it tempting to take natural souvenirs, like a beautiful flower you noticed, but the next person will probably love the flower just as much as you did. By taking it, you’d deprive them the opportunity of seeing it, and you’d be taking a little piece of nature away in the process.

A less well-known piece of camping etiquette is not to bring firewood from elsewhere. Buy it close to the campground instead. Why? Because firewood from other places can bring disease or invasive insects. If you intend to build a fire, take all the necessary precautions to prevent a forest fire. When you’re done, put the fire out completely.

Respect for the other campers is the final piece of etiquette to remember. When it’s late at night, you should stay quiet. If you’re fishing, give the others some space. Play your music quietly and keep your camp within its reserved space.

Most of all, be friendly to everyone you meet. You’re all there to enjoy nature by camping in Maupin, Oregon!

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