Deschutes River Filled with Soup in Maupin, Oregon

The history of Maupin is a rather rocky one, especially in one particular case.

Back in the 1950s, a train was passing through the area and met an unexpected obstacle on the tracks. A rockslide had blocked the route, but because the conductor had rounded a blind corner, he didn’t see the rocks until it was too late to, and the train derailed.

As a result, the engine car and a cargo car fell into the Deschutes River. Here’s the punchline: The cargo car was carrying none other than a shipment of Campbell’s soup. Thousands of cans of Campbell’s soup cascade down into the Deschutes, which means the residents of this small Oregon town got nearly a lifetime’s supply of soup.

Fortunately for outdoor enthusiasts, the Deschutes River has been soup-free for more than a half-century, so you can enjoy it to your heart’s content.

Of course, if you’re in the mood for soup in Maupin, the good news is that you have some great places to find soup that are even more appealing than the Deschutes River.

Here are a few local restaurants with soup worthy of your taste buds.

Imperial River Company

Here’s a restaurant with an outdoor patio and a cozy indoor dining area. The courtyard provides a fantastic view of the great outdoors, including the mighty Deschutes River, and there’s plenty of adventures to be had nearby.

Rainbow Tavern

If you’re in the mood for great food, drink, and music, the Rainbow Tavern is a treat. There’s high quality karaoke, frequent live music, and an impressive atmosphere that includes elegant hunting trophies and hand-drawn menus from local Maupin artists.

The Oasis

You can’t ignore this historic cafe known for its hearty American food. The Oasis is a wonderful spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Its claim to fame is the baby back rib, which get rave reviews even from the staunchest BBQ connoisseur. You’ll also enjoy plenty of great Northwest microbrews and wines.

The Riverside

A true American restaurant, The Riverside is all about great food. Everything is made fresh in-house, service is excellent, and it has a great selection of cocktails, regional wines, and incredible craft beers.

You may not have a lot of experience with the restaurant scene in Maupin, but these places are well worth a try. Next time you’re visiting Maupin, Oregon, take a break from rafting, hiking, fly fishing, biking, and hunting to pay them a visit!

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