Where to Fish Near Maupin

Give a man a fish, feed him for a meal. Teach a man where the best spot to fish is in Central Oregon, and give him recreation for a lifetime. There’s no better place to enjoy fishing than in the lower part of the Deschutes River. There are a lot of great reasons why this part of the river has the best fishing near Maupin, and perhaps anywhere, period.

Fly Fishing

Here’s a dare: Try fly fishing in the Deschutes River, and then go try the other rivers in the Pacific Northwest. We bet you’ll come back to the Deschutes River, because it’s truly a premier fly fishing river. For one, the Deschutes River has a trout stream with native fish only. That’s an important distinction in today’s global world with so many invasive species. Not far from the trout, you can find summer steelhead, which are amazing to behold.

However, what really makes the Deschutes River a great place to fly fish is the hatching. In the summer, the Pale Morning Duns and Caddis hatches are an incredible sight. If you bring the right flies, you’re sure to get some good fish on your plate. Just keep in mind, if you attend any fishing attractions near Maupin, don’t fish from a boat. It’s against the law, so you’ll need to anchor your boat up and fish from the side.

The Scenic Route

Here’s a three-day trip plan for you, if you want the full knowledge of what Maupin can offer. You’ll see 30 miles of lower Deschutes River, far away from the public roads or the hustle and bustle of the city. From there, follow the river.

There are lots of guided tours along the way with boats that can share there is to see. Some tours even will set up camp with you. You’ll never see so many stars and such a pretty landscape all in one place anywhere other than camped out by the Deschutes River.

Next, head down the river to fish for some trout and steelhead. Beavertail is a great place in particular for steelhead in the early fall. When you finish your travels, you should end up right in Maupin.

Fishing Near Maupin

If you really like steelhead, venture out to Mack’s Canyon and go twenty miles toward the mouth of the river. Just know that you won’t be getting there by road. If you want to be like most anglers, you can drift your way there, but jet boats are technically allowed for the most adventurous out there.

Well, what are you waiting for? Fishing near Maupin is fun, beautiful, and endlessly satisfying.

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