Licensed Oregon Hunters and Fishermen Hacked

If you hold a hunting or fishing license Maupin or anywhere in the state of Oregon, you should be aware that your personal information may have been compromised. A vendor’s computer system was breached by hackers, who also accessed the sensitive data of Idaho and Washington state license holders. The number of vulnerable records that could have been exposed was easily in the millions.

Online Hunting and Fishing Licenses Are Suspended

Idaho and Oregon officials revealed that Active Network, a vendor based in Dallas, Texas, mailed out notices to individuals in the affected states after the hack. Not only did the vicious cyber attack compromise people’s data, but it temporarily shut down online license sales in all three states as well.

While online licenses are unavailable, it’s still possible to purchase an Oregon hunting license or Oregon fishing license at any of the state’s wildlife offices, as well as business that sell licenses. Fortunately, officials revealed that only about 20 percent of these sales of licenses occur online, which means about 80 percent are purchased in person at wildlife offices or businesses authorized to sell these licenses.

What the ODFW Breach Means for Out-of-Towners

This isn’t much of an issue for locals with an interest in hunting or fishing. The real problem with a lack of online sales is for all of the people who come from out-of-state to visit the Northwest. In order to keep up with demand, Oregon officials were forced to process people’s license applications by phone. It’s an old method that Rick Hargrave, deputy administrator at Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife, thought they’d already put to rest years ago. While the damage that’s been dealt is fully vetted, they’re accommodating out-of-towners as best they can.

As for those whose data was compromised, there’s one potential concern to be aware of. Many hunting tags -- such as deer or elk -- are only good for a specific week. The hackers can pinpoint who has these licenses and use that information to target their homes for burglary, presumably while they’re away hunting. While this isn’t a foolproof scheme, it’s something to be vigilant about if you were among those with an Oregon hunting license during the hack.

Any website where you provide personal information is responsible for its privacy. Unfortunately, there are bad people out there who steal, and that’s why it’s important to take these cyber threats seriously. Whatever information these hackers could have gotten, such as credit card numbers, you should seriously consider changing to avoid becoming a victim of fraud or identity theft.

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