Geocaching Treasure Hunts near Maupin

If you love the outdoors and want to channel your inner pirate, consider going on a treasure hunt in the form of geocaching. Geocaching is a popular recreational activity all over the United States, and central Oregon has several notable geocaching adventures just waiting to be explored.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is like a treasure hunt for nature lovers. The basic idea is that a geocacher, one who participates in geocaching, will receive a set of coordinates somewhere in the world. Then, using a GPS, they will make their way to the place these coordinates represent. Once they arrive, the geocacher will find a waterproof container. The container might be hidden in the environment so that it isn’t too easy to spot for those who are not aware a geocache is nearby. In the waterproof container is a logbook where the geocacher can sign his or her name victoriously. Variations exist where you may take or add a small item of some sort to the container. Finally, the geocacher is required to return the container to its original resting place. This way, the next geocacher will have the same enjoyable experience finding it.

Geocaching in Maupin

Given the amazing high desert biome near Maupin, it should be no surprise that it has many geocache coordinates ready to be investigated by ambitious adventurers. The Maupin Area Chamber of Commerce has been giving specially marked Geocoins to those who complete a passport that includes a dozen geocaches in the area. This initiative is called the Historical Maupin GeoTour. Two of the geocaches in the Historical Maupin GeoTour were preexisting, made by Maupin locals enjoying the area.

The Historical Maupin GeoTour still has 30 coins to give out to those who complete the passport. In order to do this, a geocacher must visit all twelve locations and recover a code word from the geocaches. These twelve locations will take you all around the beautiful Oregon landscape. A geocacher will see landmarks like the Deschutes River and relics like the Maupin railroad, not to mention Oregon’s natural wonders.

For example, one of the locally made geocaches directs the geocacher to Sherars Falls, a breathtaking cascade down the Deschutes River. Geocaching is a unique recreational activity that gives locals and tourists in central Oregon a chance to see the area in a fun new light. Not only will you find a treasure at the end of your journey, but you’ll also encounter a treasure during the journey: Oregon’s natural beauty.

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