Historic Landmarks around Maupin

The Central Oregon area is home to scenic landscapes and some great outdoor recreation. It is also the home of many historic landmarks that have been preserved by the small communities in the area. If you’re planning a trip to Maupin, make sure you stop and see a few of these historic landmarks.

Power House at White River Falls State Park

White River Falls State Park is known for beautiful waterfalls and scenic hikes. Many Central Oregon visitors stop there to hike and camp. The park is also known for its power station. The Pacific Power and Light Company, once known as Tygh Valley State Wayside, was built in 1910. It provided electricity to the area until 1963. Then, in 1969, the company donated over 200 acres to the state. Now a popular state park, the old power station can still be seen by visitors.

The Barlow Road

Another piece of history near Maupin is the Barlow Road. Built in 1846 by Philip Foster and Sam Barlow, the road was created to be one of the last legs of the Oregon Trail. Pioneers were better able to traverse the Cascade Range in their wagons once this road was finished. Now, the road remains and many visitors take it from Tygh Valley to up and over Mt. Hood as a scenic route.

Sherar's Falls

During the 19th Century, Joseph Sherar and his wife operated a toll bridge, stagecoach station, and hotel on the Deschutes River near Maupin. The couple bought and improved an existing bridge near what’s now known as Sherar’s Falls, a popular fishing spot for natives in the area. Although a new concrete bridge has replaced the wagon bridge, remnants of the fishing platforms can still be seen.

Ghost Towns

If you love old buildings and the Wild West, then you’ll want to check out Wapinitia and Shaniko. Although these communities are no longer active, there are still buildings and remnants to explore. At Wapinitia, you’ll find the remains of the Wapinitia Hotel, saloon, schoolhouse, church, and more. At Shaniko, you can check out wagons, stagecoaches, and many historic buildings that were preserved and moved from nearby areas. They actually set up an entire town so visitors could get a feel for what it was like back in the days of the Wild West.

Take a trip through Central Oregon and get taken back in time by exploring these historic landmarks. While visiting, be sure to stay over in Maupin where there’s plenty of modern lodging, dining, and recreation right next to these treasured sites.

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