Maupin Looks Forward to High Internet Speeds

About 15 years ago, the first high-speed internet became available as broadband service. Before that, you had to rely on dial up, which only had a 56 kbps connection. When you jumped to basic cable (broadband) internet, on the other hand, you enjoyed speeds of 4 to 8 Mbps, which is between 8 and 16 times as fast.

In practical terms, the difference between dial up and broadband is whether it takes you nine days or about an hour to download a 2 hour movie about 700 MB in size). It’s an almost ridiculous contrast, but now, there’s another leap that’s almost as big, and it’s the difference between the old broadband internet and the very latest internet to come to Maupin, Oregon.

Introducing Gigabit Broadband for Maupin

There’s a program called “Connected Communities” that promises to bring the fastest possible broadband service available to Maupin. As part of the $1.2 million deal with the City of Maupin, LS Networks will constructing a new high-density fiber-optic broadband network at speeds of 100Mbps or 1 Gbps.

The fiber-optic network will power almost every home and building in Maupin, Oregon with incredibly fast internet service. That includes businesses, schools, medical facilities, and the homes. Keep in mind that Maupin is still a rural locality, so it’s a big victory for our community to be home to the very best broadband internet in the Pacific Northwest.

Origins of the Deal

How did this deal come to be? First, Maupin was fortunate to receive a $410,000 state grant through its partnership with the QualityLife Intergovernmental Agency (QLife), and LS Networks contributed about 60 percent of the project’s total fees.

The Maupin network is the first of 25 communities to be identified for the Connected Communities program, which is all about elevating the quality of broadband service in rural communities. It’s intended to solve the so-called “broadband divide,” that gap left when big telecommunications companies bypass rural communities and focus on the biggest markets and interstate routes.

If you live in the Maupin area and you’re interested in the new internet, you won’t have to wait long. By spring of 2017, LS Networks will start offering monthly internet plans in Maupin. The 100 Mbps speed plan will cost $40 per month, and the 1 Gbps will cost $70 per month. You can find out more at LS Networks.

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