Maupin Oregon Statistics

You may think you know Maupin, Oregon, but how well do you really? Sometimes, it’s interesting to learn some statistics about the town you call home -- or the town you like to go visit when you want to get away for a while. From population to cost of living to climate, see if any of these statistics surprise you!


The most recent estimates put the population of Maupin, Oregon at 426. The total change since 2000 is just shy of +3.0 percent.


Maupin is just barely inverted from the United States as a whole with its gender ratio. Males slightly outnumber females in Maupin at 51 percent male to 49 percent female.


The average household size in Maupin is two people. This is a tad bit smaller than the average household size of 2.5 in the state of Oregon.


The latest data on income is from 2013. Median household income was $37,696, while estimated per capita income in $22,419.

Cost of Living Index

This is a big one. Compared to the U.S. average (which is ranked at 100), the cost of living for Maupin, Oregon is just 88.0. That’s a steep drop!


Here’s where Maupin’s roots as a community of the great outdoors is obvious. The breakdown of industries in Maupin for men are roughly 23 percent construction, with accommodation and food services close behind at 19 percent. For women, management occupations are 19 percent, with education next at 17 percent.


The average temperature in Maupin is 50.65°F, with the annual high temperature average reaching 61.9°F.

What do you think after checking out these Maupin, Oregon statistics? We know that Maupin is a great place to live and visit. For those who love the fresh air and close access to year-round outdoor activities like biking, hiking, winter sports, water sports, this is a town that just can’t be beat!

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