Maupin, Oregon Trivia

For a small rural community, Maupin sure has a lot of fascinating trivia associated with it. See how many of these Maupin, Oregon trivia items you know!

1) Founder Howard Maupin

In the late 19th century, there was a pioneer with a farm and a ferry located where the town of Maupin is today. That man was Howard Maupin. For a time, the town was called Hunts Ferry after a man who owned a Deschutes River ferry, but it was renamed Maupin Ferry. In 1909, the city shortened its name to Maupin.

2) Population Under 500

Did you know that the population of Maupin, Oregon is approximately 426?

3) The Scenic Bikeways Program

Oregon is the only state with the innovative Scenic Bikeways program, making Oregon one of most bike-friendly states in the country. The bicycle program extends to Maupin with the Sherars Falls Bikeway, which takes riders past Sherars Falls on the Deschutes River.

4) Sudden Origins of the Deschutes River

Most rivers cut their own path over time, but the Deschutes River had a more exciting and sudden twist of fate. It originally flowed around Pilot Butte from the East, but an unexpected lava flow filled in that channel and resulted in the Deschutes River flowing along the west side instead.

5) Geocoins for the GeoTour

The Maupin Area Chamber of Commerce has given away specially marked Geocoins to individuals who complete a passport that includes a dozen geocaches. The initiative is known as the Historical Maupin GeoTour, and it’s been such a local hit that two of the geocaches in the Historical Maupin GeoTour actually created by Maupin residents enjoying the area.

6) A Small School District

Maupin’s South Wasco County School District serves just two schools: Maupin Grade School and South Wasco County Junior/Senior High School. Both of the schools are in Maupin.

7) An Inactive Volcano Called Bachelor

Just next door to Maupin, there’s an inactive volcano known as Mt. Bachelor. It last erupted about 10,000 years ago, and today, it’s the top ski area in the Northwest, featuring 88 groomed runs and 3,683 skiable acres of terrain.

8) The Famous Oregon Trail

Did you know that Maupin is near the end of the Oregon Trail? Barlow Road was built in 1846 by Philip Foster and Sam Barlow as one of the very last legs of the Oregon Trail.

9) 300+ Days of Sunshine

If you’re a big fan of the sun, you’ll love Maupin’s 300+ days of sunshine every year.

10) Hunting is Big

There are five big game hoofed animals to hunt in central Oregon. These include black tailed deer, elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and pronghorn antelope.

Want to know more about the little town of Maupin, Oregon? Come for a visit, or explore our Maupin website.

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