What’s New in 2016 Oregon Game Bird Hunting?

If you’re an avid bird hunter, then you probably already know what a hot spot Maupin is for upland game birds. While you may have a hunter’s instinct and seasons of hunts under your belt, regulations are always changing, and you need to be aware of them. Stay safe and legal in 2016 with these hunting updates from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

You Can Bag More Turkeys

This spring, the allowable limit for legal turkey kills has been increased to three. The daily limit is still one male turkey, but if you’re skilled enough to get three in one season, ODE says it’s OK. Remember, it’s considered a legal male turkey only if it has a visible beard, so check before you shoot. This new 3-turkey limit is in effect statewide, so whether you’re hunting in Central Oregon or up north, the regulation is the same.

You Can Bag More Ducks per Day

This year, according to the ODFW 2016 Waterfowl Hunting Regulations, those hunting canvasback ducks have an increased daily limit of two. The season limit remains the same, but now you can kill two birds with one day.

Goose Hunters Have Good and Bad News

If you’re a Central Oregon hunter who travels up north for a hunt now and then, you might be interested to know that goose hunting regulations have changed quite a bit. Unfortunately, several check stations have closed, which might make things difficult for you. On the other hand, the White Goose bag limit increased, at least in the Northwest Permit Goose Zone.

Partridge and Quail are Finally Aligned

Partridge and quail already share a season, but for some reason, their start and end dates didn’t quite align. This made it a bit confusing for partridge hunters who were also quail hunters, which could lead to unintentional violations. For this reason, the last day of the two birds’ seasons will now be aligned in Eastern Oregon. Someone’s thinking about us hunters!

Every year the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife examines what’s working and what’s not, and this leads to regulation changes that benefit hunters in Central Oregon. However, the changes above are not all those being made. We’ve simply listed a few of the most important. There have also been some fee and license changes that have just gone into effect, so be sure to check the ODFW website and make sure you’re up to speed before you head out this hunting season.

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